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Egyptian Style Jewellery

Decorative knotting is an ancient art thousands of years old and found throughout the world. Elaborate knot work has been discovered in Egyptian tombs and so, with Ancient Egypt as my inspiration I have created this exclusive range of jewellery.Tiny hand tied knots with beads on fine thread make up this unique jewellery.

Originally designed for my fellow belly dancers, who wanted light weight necklaces and head dresses for performing, they are great to wear any time. (They are also washable). Made to order for a perfect and individual fit, with a range of colours. I use metallic thread and embroidery cottons with gilt and silver plate beads and fittings. Semi precious or glass beads are also available, please contact me for further information.

Fittings and beads are low nickel free plating. I can supply sterling silver or 9ct gold if required, please contact me for a price quotation

Colours; Black, white, dark blue, silver, light pink, light blue, red, gold, purple, deep pink, dark copper, green (see Tassel earrings below).

Standard sizes; Necklace 41cm (16") Anklet 23.5cm (9.25") Bracelet 19cm (7.5") Head 56cm (22") If you require other than the standard sizes please state at the checkout. Should the size be vastly difference a small extra cost may be incurred.

Please feel free to contact me for exact requirements.

macrame mystic anklet
Standard sizes:  235mm/9.25”
Depth 60mm/2.5”
anklet £11.00

Black anklet £12.50
Depth 50mm/2”
anklet £23.00
PayPal: Add ISIS black anklet to cart Depth at centre: 160mm/6.25”

£17.50 (black)
Depth at centre: 60mm/2.5”
macrame nefertiti collar
Standard neck size 405mm/16”
Isis Collar
Nefertiti Collar
Nefertiti Collar Back
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Left to right: black, white, dark blue, silver, light pink, light blue, red, gold, also green (not shown).
Length: 95mm/3,75”

Price: £8.00

£8.50 (black)

Length: 105mm/4”

£8.50 (black)
Length: 80mm/3.25”

£8.50 (black)
macrame peacock earrings macrame isis earrings macrame tassel earrings
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£16.00 black.

All necklaces have a depth of 140-150mm/5.5-6”, standard neck size 405mm/16”.     
macrame incense necklace macrame nefertiti necklace 1


£18.50 black.

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Depth at back: 220mm/8.5”

£48.00 (black)
macrame nefertiti headdress back
Makes an unusual alternative for a wedding headdress.  Standard size: head circumference 235mm/21”
ISIS Headdress

Cleopatra prices start from £67.00 depending on type of beads and length of headdress. Please contact me with your requirements or for further information.

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£21.50 (black)

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Cleopatra Headdress